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If you need original shamanic drums music for your content creation, your sound baths, or any commercial use, I offer you bundles of long tracks.

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Each piece lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, in Mp3 320 Kb/s Format, Royalty-Free, Commercial Use License included. You will receive a Google Drive link to download your tracks. The link remains valid forever!

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  • All tracks are original tracks provided with a royalty-free commercial license included. You can use these pieces on all your personal and commercial projects.
  • After purchasing, you will receive a Google Drive link by email which will allow you to download or simply listen to all the songs or just the ones you want. The link remains valid for life so you can access your songs later, on any device, whenever and as often as you want.
  • All of these pieces are composed specifically for meditation and relaxation, not for entertainment. They mainly use healing frequencies and not classical scales.
  • Each audio track lasts approximately 1 hour and is ready to use, delivered in 320kb/s mp3 format (better sound quality, but reduced file size).
  • Are you tired of those repetitive songs that repeat every 30 seconds or 1 minute? It's over because our hour-long pieces are not repetitive loops but constantly evolving atmospheres, never identical.
Below you can listen to samples of some of the tracks included in the bundles. (Each delivered tracks is approximately 1-hour long)
  • Conjurer Focusing Rhythm For Prayer
  • Sacred Drumming Rituals (Medium Acceleration)
  • Thaumaturge Deliberation Measure For Pipe dream
  • Panther Pulsations (Slight Acceleration)
  • Firelit Shamanic Ritual (Medium Acceleration)
  • Formal Beside Campfire
  • Snake Shamanic Cadence (Slight Acceleration)
  • Voices raised
  • Deer Shamanic Sojourn (Slight Acceleration)
  • Beat of the Shaman's Feet (Heavy Acceleration)
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  • The written commercial license will be provided by email with each order. This document can be used as proof of license purchase if necessary.
Shamanic Drum Music for Meditation

In the ancient traditions of shamanism, the rhythmic heartbeat of the drum has served as a powerful conduit between the earthly and spiritual realms.

Shamanic drum music, characterized by its hypnotic beats and primal resonance, has emerged as a transformative tool for meditation.

In this immersive exploration, we embark on a journey into the captivating world of shamanic drum music, unraveling its history, significance, and the profound impact it holds on the meditative experience.

The Origins of Shamanic Drumming:

Shamanic drumming traces its roots to the indigenous cultures and spiritual practices of various tribes worldwide.

The drum, often referred to as the "shaman's horse," becomes a vessel through which the shaman travels into altered states of consciousness.

The repetitive and steady beats of the drum induce trance-like states, enabling the shaman to access higher dimensions, commune with spirits, and facilitate healing.

This sacred practice has transcended cultural boundaries, weaving its way into modern meditative practices.

The Enchanting Beats:

At the core of shamanic drum music lies the mesmerizing heartbeat rhythm.

The consistent beats, resembling the primal pulse of life, create a sonic landscape that transcends the mundane.

These beats, typically ranging from 3 to 7 beats per second (3 to 7 Hertz), resonate with the natural rhythms of the human body, synchronizing brainwaves and inducing a meditative state.

As practitioners engage with the rhythmic patterns, they enter a trance-like state, unlocking the door to expanded consciousness.

Meditative Journey with Shamanic Drumming:

The journey with shamanic drum music begins with a meditative setting.

As participants close their eyes and attune their focus to the rhythmic beats, a profound sense of relaxation takes hold.

The drumming serves as a guide, leading individuals into the depths of their inner realms.

Shamans believe that the drum connects the earthly and spirit realms, acting as a bridge for spiritual exploration.

Enhancing Mindfulness and Presence:

Shamanic drum music becomes a powerful ally for those seeking mindfulness and presence in meditation.

The rhythmic beats draw attention away from the chatter of the mind, grounding practitioners in the present moment.

As the drumming progresses, the mind enters a state of stillness, allowing individuals to cultivate a heightened sense of awareness and connection with their inner selves.

Healing Frequencies and Vibrations:

The vibrations produced by shamanic drumming are believed to hold healing properties.

As the beats reverberate through the body, they create a harmonic resonance that aligns and balances the energy centers.

This sonic massage not only aids in physical relaxation but also facilitates emotional release and spiritual rejuvenation.

Shamans often incorporate drumming into healing ceremonies to restore harmony and promote overall well-being.

Integration into Modern Meditation Practices:

In contemporary meditation practices, shamanic drum music has found a new audience seeking alternative pathways to inner exploration.

The accessibility of recorded drumming sessions allows individuals to integrate this ancient tradition into their daily meditation routines.

Online platforms offer a plethora of shamanic drumming recordings tailored for specific intentions, such as relaxation, journeying, and spiritual awakening.

Shamanic drum music for meditation unveils a portal to the ancient wisdom of indigenous cultures, inviting modern seekers to embark on inner journeys of self-discovery and transcendence.

The rhythmic beats, echoing the heartbeat of the Earth, resonate with the essence of our being, guiding us into realms where the ordinary and the extraordinary converge.

As the drum continues to beat, it beckons us to explore the vast landscapes of our consciousness, fostering a harmonious union between the material and spiritual dimensions.

In the heartbeat of the drum, we find the timeless rhythm of existence, offering solace, healing, and a gateway to the infinite depths within.

Choose your Shamanic Drums bundle

Each piece lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, in Mp3 320 Kb/s Format, Royalty-Free, Commercial Use License included. You will receive a Google Drive link to download your tracks. The link remains valid forever!

(The tracks are different in each bundle)

8 tracks bundle


17 tracks bundle


55 tracks bundle


Frequently Asked Questions
What uses are authorized by the included commercial license?

The license is non-exclusive, royalty-free, for personal and commercial use.

All personal and commercial uses are authorized, except:

- You can't resale the tracks as is. (To be able to resell these pieces, you must modify them in one way or another in order to make new pieces, for example: adding a guided meditation voice or affirmations, adding music or instruments, remixes, etc...)

- You can't register the tracks in a Copyright detection system (like Youtube Content Id, for example), because the license is non-exclusive and you are not the Copyright Owner (I am)

On wich plateform can I publish and monetize the tracks?

You can publish and monetize the audio tracks provided on all platforms (Youtube, Facebook, TikTok, etc...) but not on sites that require exclusive pieces like Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, Apple Music, etc...

However, your personal pieces created from the audio tracks provided will be considered as your own creation and may therefore be considered as exclusive pieces belonging to you.

How and for how long will I have access to the purchased pieces?

Access is for life. A Google Drive link will be provided to you, allowing you to listen to and/or download the tracks whenever you want, on any device.

Tracks can be downloaded individually or several at a time.

Do you offer other categories of meditation music?

Yes, we offer tracks in all these categories:

  • Solfeggio Frequencies
  • Binaural Beats
  • 432Hz Tuning
  • Singing Bowls
  • Sanskrit Mantras
  • Relaxing Piano, Strings, Orchestra
  • Planet Frequencies
  • Nature Sounds
  • Shamanic Drums
  • Isochronic Tones
  • Deep Meditation
  • Chakras Healing Frequencies
  • Angelic Frequencies
  • Meditative Soundscapes
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Handpan (Hang Drum)
  • Cinematic Dark Ambient
  • Classical Music
  • More categories to come...

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Can I purchase individual tracks?

Yes, if you are not interested in the bundles, you can listen to and purchase the tracks individually or as albums by going to the site:

Can I promote your offers as an affiliate?

Yes, you can promote our offers to your customers.

You will receive 60% commission on each sale. More info on affiliation by clicking on the button opposite:

How can I use the free tracks?

The commercial license for the free tracks is the same as for other tracks. So you can use them in the same way. However, you must indicate "Music by Tera Mangala Meditation Music - Didier Poglio -" in this case.

The Profound Significance of the Four Elements in Shamanism

In the mystical realm of shamanism, the connection between the spiritual and physical worlds is often articulated through the profound symbolism of the four elements—Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

These elements are not merely constituents of the natural world; they hold symbolic and spiritual significance that resonates deeply within shamanic practices across diverse cultures.

In this extensive exploration, we will delve into the nuanced meanings, spiritual associations, and transformative powers that the four elements embody within the rich tapestry of shamanic traditions.

Earth – Stability and Grounding:

The element of Earth, often represented by rocks, soil, and landscapes, symbolizes stability, grounding, and the foundation of life. In shamanic practices, Earth is revered as the provider of sustenance and the source of life's energies. Shamans connect with the

Earth to establish a strong foundation, grounding themselves to channel divine energies and connect with the spirits. Through rituals, ceremonies, and sacred dances, practitioners seek to harmonize with the Earth's vibrations, fostering a deep sense of stability and balance in their spiritual journey.

Water – Fluidity and Emotional Healing:

Water, the element of fluidity and emotion, holds a special place in shamanic symbolism. Oceans, rivers, and rain embody the essence of Water, representing the ebb and flow of life's emotional currents. In shamanic ceremonies, water is used for purification, cleansing, and emotional healing.

Shamans invoke the spirit of water to navigate the depths of the unconscious mind, facilitating emotional release and rejuvenation. The element's transformative power is harnessed to purify the spirit and instill a sense of emotional equilibrium in the shamanic practitioner.

Air – Breath of Life and Communication:

Symbolized by the gentle breeze and the invisible currents that surround us, the element of Air is associated with the breath of life and communication. In shamanic rituals, breathwork is a fundamental practice to attune with the spirit world.

The rhythmic inhalation and exhalation serve as a conduit for spiritual energies, allowing shamans to communicate with spirits, guides, and ancestors. The winds, as messengers, carry intentions and prayers across the unseen realms, fostering a profound connection between the shaman and the spiritual dimensions.

Fire – Transformation and Spiritual Illumination:

Fire, the element of transformation and spiritual illumination, plays a central role in shamanic ceremonies. Symbolizing passion, purification, and the divine spark within, fire is a potent force that facilitates profound changes. Shamans utilize fire rituals to purify the energy of individuals and spaces, marking transitions and initiations.

The dancing flames are seen as a gateway to the spirit world, providing illumination and guidance. Fire ceremonies ignite the shaman's inner power, fostering personal transformation and connecting them with the eternal flame of the cosmos.

The four elements in shamanism weave a symbolic tapestry that transcends cultural boundaries, offering a universal language for spiritual exploration and understanding. Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, each with its unique qualities, provide a framework for shamans to navigate the intricate realms of the unseen.

Through rituals, ceremonies, and deep attunement with these elements, practitioners unlock the mysteries of the spiritual landscape, fostering personal growth, healing, and a profound connection with the divine. In shamanic traditions, the significance of the four elements is not just symbolic; it is a living, breathing testament to the interconnectedness of all things in the vast web of existence.

Who composes and records the audio tracks?

Tera Mangala Meditation Music is a collective of musicians and experienced meditation practitioners from different styles and traditions.

The main composer is Didier Poglio, relaxed and peaceful multi-instrumentalist and Vipassana old student, from France.


Choose your Shamanic Drums bundle

Each piece lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour, in Mp3 320 Kb/s Format, Royalty-Free, Commercial Use License included. You will receive a Google Drive link to download your tracks. The link remains valid forever!

(The tracks are different in each bundle)

8 tracks bundle


17 tracks bundle


55 tracks bundle


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